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You will also hear Ewa (Eh-vah) and Diamond Head used a lot, in relation to east and west, the former roughly means "west" (toward the town of Ewa on the southwest shore of Oahu) and the latter roughly means "east" (towards Diamond Head).
For example, six-laned King Street is 25-30 miles per hour for its entire length.
Also see Oahu for details on attractions located outside Honolulu proper.Tree-lined Kapiolani Boulevard is another major thoroughfare traversing east-central Honolulu, linking the Waikiki district and points east with downtown Honolulu, becoming Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki.You can use the pass to take any bus including the Circle Island route, #88A, and see the entire island.Rand McNally paper fold-out maps are available in many stores; for more extensive coverage you can also purchase Bryan's Sectional Maps (a popular choice among locals) at most bookstores for about.50.If you're already out and about, you can access a daily digest on your mobile phone.The flagship campus of the public University of Hawaii, located in Manoa Valley.The shopping and dining Pink trolleys run about 10 mins apart to Ala Moana Mall.Affect on room rates.You'll most often hear people refer to these districts by name - Waikiki, Manoa, Kahala, Hawaii Kai and so on - as though they're not part of the same city.
For those looking for expansive vistas, Diamond Head is a good starting point - this ancient volcanic crater dominates over Waikiki and the top offers an incredible view over the city.
City buses (aka The Bus 13 ) #19 schedule 14 and #20 schedule 15 (2.75 per adult;.25 per child; and 1 disability, seniors, persons with a Medicare card, and persons with a Handi-Van card; exact change required, bills and coins accepted; One Day Pass.

The majority of visitors to Hawaii enter through this city, meaning this is definitely not the place to go for a "get-away-from-it-all" Hawaiian vacation - It is as fast-paced and dynamic as any city, with all its problems such as heavy traffic, drugs, crime, and.With almost one million people living in a relatively small space, and only a few main routes serving the major populated areas on the island, a single traffic incident has the potential to induce gridlock across the entire island.You are unlikely to encounter a traffic jam of that magnitude, but someone visiting Oahu and traveling during a weekday should be aware of traffic problems.Museums edit Of all the museums in Honolulu, none approach the size of the Bishop Museum in Western Honolulu ; a complex of buildings with a large collection of Hawaiian artifacts.This ain't the mainland." Drivers rarely use horns here, even if someone is stopped at a green light, or just going slow.There are many flavors and toppings to choose from, from classic to the exotic.What's remarkable is that even in Waikiki you can find a fairly quiet beach; it's just a matter of knowing where to look.
Traffic edit Traffic in Honolulu, and on Oahu in general (in particular the southern shore is a persistent problem, and ranks among the worst in the nation.
If you have a medicare card, you can pay reduced fares: for example, the yearly sex treffen in oreana nevada bus pass is only.