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Pelagicus, which has 53 pre-anal and 14 post-anal segments (see later).
Link- ing up the basal plates of the membranelles is still another fibril about two-thirds the distance to their anterior tips.
The action of the crus- tacean chromatophore activator on the melanophores of fishes and amphibians, 226.Section does not purport in any way to describe the embryology or to ive a complete picture of any stage or any system, but to present Midi conspicuous characters as would be of practical use in determining' the.e of the material, especially in sections.THE ixtracellular canalicul1 OF THE pharyngeal glands OF THE honeybee *.Into a more or less double blastula (Photographs 17, 18).The upward orientation was shown to be governed by the sensible equality of tensions produced through the pull of the body upon its supporting elements.Nitsschia seriata also showed some effect of the soil extract and of 172.Fresh cell stained supravitally with brilliant cresyl blue.The number of spines listed for the first appendage of the fifth stage is open to question, since a minute spine which is not present on all specimens of this stage is included in this total.Before considering the experimental evidence attention may be called to two features in the normal processes which strongly suggest that the former alternative is correct.In all suit- able specimens I counted 50-51 pre-anal and 12 post-anal segments.F.N The presence in the sea of bacteria capable of reducing nitrates has attracted considerable attention from oceanographers.Neither cells nor plasma could be seen to have escaped with the egg.
Fairly deep, in the Gulf of Maine; and the last four, Nos., much shallower, on Georges Bank.

8, 9, and 10).172) and that in a unipolar field, although the chromosomes may divide, they cannot segregate into two groups.The total number of 'interstitial cells" remains almost i-i instant in relation to the si/c of the animal; but the number oi 'indifferent cells" apparently varies greatly at different times; these cells also vary greatly in size and location : sometimes they lie down close.When Janus green B is added numerous granular mitochondria are seen dis- tributed irregularly throughout the cytoplasm ( Fig.As the ductules reach thr common duct they penetrate it by independent perforations giv- ing rise registrierten Sexualstraftätern in jackson county oregon to papilla-like elevations having, according to Cheshire (1886 pharyngeal glands OF honeybee 311 a sieve-like end.Turner i 1 ( 30) has shown, however, that the macronucleus is the first structure to show signs of an approaching division.Coccolithophorida CoccohtJms pelagicus Yallich was observed at the three stations in the inner part of the Gulf (1329-1331) and at Station 1336 on Georges Bank.In addition, Liiintliis is the largest invertebrate which has been studied thus far from the standpoint of homogamy.' ommon Sea Robin (Prionotus carolinus) No hemolysis 25 min.It appeared, however, to maintain its tentacles in the desirable forward-pointing position, and so was enabled to regain its lost ground more readily.

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In I'rannus hy Koller and Meyer (1930).