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My girl friend said 5 hours to sleep and back on it goes for another 24 hours.I was originally locked in a CB6000s and had to remove it once a day while I bathed.Answered all of my questions.The shape of the ring is the best and most comfortable.The ventilation holes are perfectly placed.Bill USA I've purchased 5 other chastity devices previously.Oilerman Canada Just got the HT2 last night.What can I say?Danny Great Britain Thank you holy trainer.Thank you Holy Trainer dicki- do united states Got mine 3-31-15, I couldn't get it out of the box fast enough, love the feeling and the girl friend loves the pink color she picked out!
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Furthermore, it is also very secure.Sincerely, Goddess A's Pet.More impressive to me was that I have a V2 also, and the V3 is still an upgrade (which I did not think could happen).I feel that I am lucky enough to fit into the penis cage, as I am thick, yet the cage is just large enough.Very impossible to manually masturbate or get an erection.Spnkswtch USA I'm new to the chastity lifestyle.24/7 fickkontakte stuttgart scheint kein Problem mehr zu sein.I hope I can make it through the d as long as possible.
The oval shape can be confusing.

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