Javascript date format strings

It works with both Node.
This way you can add formatting to your strings.
Instead of extending ototype to include format you must use dateformat as a method itself and pass your Date object: Node.
You can also provide the registrierten Sexualstraftätern in nueces county date as a string dateFormat Jun 9 2007 "fullDate / Saturday, June 9, 2007 / Note that if you don't include the mask argument, / fault is used dateFormat(now / Sat Jun :46:21 / And if you don't include the date argument, / the current date and time is used dateFormat / Sat Jun :46:22 / You can also skip the date argument (as long as your mask doesn't / contain any numbers in which case the current date/time is used dateFormat longTime / 5:46:22 PM EST / And finally, you can convert local time to UTC time. .Js have quite a few libraries that can format date strings for you, but I only showed a few of the more popular methods in this article.See the following paragraphs for information about the use of this property.Although, a word of warning, don't assume the tokens from another language are exactly the same as those used in Moment.The only value implementations must recognize is "UTC the default is the runtime's default time zone.
Possible values include: "arab "arabext "bali "beng "deva "fullwide "gujr "guru "hanidec "khmr "knda "laoo "latn "limb "mlym "mong "mymr "orya "tamldec "telu "thai "tibt".
If you need to support internationalization then Moment will be a lifesaver for you.

The representation of the day.This lokale Schlacken kilmarnock typically isn't a big problem for small applications, but it can be a big pain for larger ones.For example, let's say you just want to see a simple representation of the current time (hours:minutes:seconds am/pm).For a good overview of the library as a whole, check out our article, Moment.There are quite a few ways to create, parse, and manipulate dates with Moment, which we won't completely cover here.Possible values are "narrow lokalen sex Täter Registrierung uk "short "long".TimeZone, the time zone to use.DateTimeFormat: var date new Date var options year: 'numeric month: 'short day: '2-digit var _resultDate new Intl.Once you learn the concept and play around with it a bit, the rest comes easy.For example, instead of mm for a 2-digit hour, we'd use hour: '2-digit'.

A string with a BCP 47 language tag, or an array of such strings.