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The Metropolitanate of Moldavia and Bukovina (Romania).
The 2005 annual Havighurst young researchers conference is dedicated to exploring: The state of East-European and Russian philosophy today.Local Archives, Histories, and Testimonials of Homosexuality.How can Eastern European History contribute to the further development of methods relevant to Oral History?Feminist and glbtq research and publication.9th biennial Women in French Conference «French and Francophone Women and War».«Undiscovered» Dostoevsky: problems of textology.Registration for one day, either the 6 th or 7 th December, costs frau treffen berlin 80, with a concessional price.The Polish Studies Center at Indiana University in Bloomington.The ethics of gender.If you propose to give a talk (in English, not partnersuche frau polen exceeding 20 minutes please submit your title and an abstract of 200 words accompanied by a short biographical sketch.E-mail:, (with subject heading: Call for Papers).Ultimately, all paper proposals should focus in on the close reading of a text to yield psychoanalytic insight about communities as eine russische frau kennenlernen represented in the (potential) limitations of both literary and psychoanalytic texts.Literature as a Teaching Resource (a need for a new English-language history of Polish Literature, Polish literature and culture as a resource for language instruction).
Time and national memorialization.

We welcome, for example, papers that scrutinise the public stances taken by individuals and groups of writers, artists, philosophers during particular wars; papers that analyse the means used to pursue intellectual commitment; or papers that examine the polemics between men and women of culture over.Ethnographic findings on how boundaries are negotiated in everyday life.Ethics in postcolonial studies.How other conflict theories (melting pot, cultural and/or structural assimilation, accommodation, contact zone, mestiza, etc.) can be compared to the work of the translator or translation event/text.What do such practices reveal about conceptions of adulthood as well as childhood?The Conference of the Association for Feminist Ethics And Social Theory (feast).E-mail: - The abject will: The mark of slavery on the nineteenth-century American subject.
Tel.: (44 0) ext.

Edu/havighurstcenter/ 28 - 30 October.
The Conference «History, Gender and Migration (Atlantic world, XIX - XX centuries.